Polly Box

Our Reusable Boxes & Sustainable Moving Supplies

PollyBox PollyWrap PollyPrint PollyNuts

Wardrobe Box

2.6 Cubic feet
Holds 60 pounds
Supports up to 300 pounds
PollyWrap (Geami)
Replaces Petroleum based Bubble Wrap. Made from 50# Kraft Paper, Die cut and
expanded to provide cushioning. Kraft Paper is made from 60% recycled paper and the Interleaf is 100% recycled paper.
150 ft. roll / $25
Recycled Newsprint (currently 20% recycled paper)
250 sheets / $13
PollyNuts (PaperNuts)
Replaces Styrofoam Packing Peanuts. Approx. 2-3 times larger than styrofoam   
peanuts, made from 50# Kraft Paper, twisted and compressed.
2 cubic ft. / $10
Wardrobe Box
Big time saver for moving hanging clothes, pillows & comforters. $8


All The Above Supplies are 100% Recyclable and Bio-Degradable

Removable Labels and Zip Ties
$5 for pack of 50 labels and 50 ties.